Welcome to Lashe’s 4 You

img Established over 20 years ago, My salon has steadily built a reputation with a strong customer service and loyalty focus. I sold my salon, and have now become a home based salon I pride myself on having a professional environment but also a relaxed and caring atmosphere. This is important to me.

Building on the reputation of using good quality natural skin products, and top of the range Lashout Lash products my salon’s primary focus is caring about what the best beauty product is for you and your beauty service.

I am a qualified Aesthetician, of 3o years , certificate 1V Beauty Diploma, and a certified Master Lash Extension Technician/ Trainer – Diploma in Business Management, Management Conflict, Accounting, and also in Grief Management and I pride myself on continuing to train myself in all the new aspects of education that concerns my salon. And you the customer.

Here at Lashe’s 4 You I am focused on creating The place that any women will come to know that they are at the right salon for their lash extensions, and waxing , I am passionate about lashes – your natural lashes are super important to me and imparting lash education is also very important, I will educate you on the right way that lash extensions are to be applied and cared for, because your eyes need to be looked after correctly. they are the gateway to your soul and inner beauty .and when you care for them correctly. Your extensions will last beautifully until you are ready for your next lash infill, and your natural lashes will not be damaged. Because they have been applied correctly with high quality products . and you the client will always feel secure in knowing this.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Carole Huddy

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Carole's Qualifications include

  • Australia - England
    Aestheticienne Beauty Diploma
    (Beauty & Body Therapist)
  • Finer Face traning
  • Intaglia Skin Resurfacing
  • Nail Enhancement
  • Clinical Therapist CT - 1 & CT - 2
  • Max Factor Diploma
  • Dorothy Gray Beauty Diploma
  • Wella Hair Diploma
  • Bio Sculpture Diploma
  • Lashout Lashes W.A Trainer
  • Master Lash Technician

Product Used include

  • EarthSentials

    EarthSentials products

  • Lashout! Lashes

    Semi permanent eyelash extensions