What are volume lashes

With traditional lash extensions, These are called Classic, we only attach one eyelash extension to one of your single natural lashes. And we can only lash however many of your natural lashes that you have.

The new 2D – 6D Volume sets now give even the lash-challenged-clients the option for volume Opting more for volume rather than length.

Volume Lashes is a revolutionary lashing technique where 2 to 6 super fine extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash SAFELY creating a look of softness and fullness. They do not weigh your natural lash down, and destroy your natural lash by breakage.

Volume lashes are suitable for everyday wear and are also a real treat on any of your special occasions.

We use Silk Lashes they are a beautiful texture and so light weight, you will not know you have Lash extensions on your lashes, especially with these new Volume lashes Volume lashes are AMAZING if you’ve ever had the classic 1.1 semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions … then this will totally WOW you!!!

Lash Extension’s faq

Will Eyelash Extensions damage my natural lashes?

Definitely not! Eyelash Extensions are applied with a premium quality adhesive that dries soft on lashes allowing Eyelash Extensions to stay flexible and bouncy just like natural lashes. When a Lash Technician who is fully qualified with proper credentials & training applies lash extensions correctly then they are completely safe & effective.

Please always ask to see the technician’s certification and where she was trained.

Do Eyelash Extensions make your natural lashes fall out?

Eyelash extensions don’t make your lashes fall out. You’re more aware of the lashes coming out when you have the extensions only because your lashes are more noticeable (i.e., thicker and longer due to an extension being attached).

How are Eyelash Extensions applied?

‘One’ Lash Extension is applied directly to your own lash and this is repeated until the you have a full set of lash extensions. This will make your eye lashes look fuller, and you will have thicker lashes!

How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

When properly applied and maintained with refill’s, lash extensions can last indefinitely. This is entirely up to you. Your  lashes shed naturally every six to eight weeks, and new ones continue to grow in a regular growth cycle. We naturally shed lashes. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions will last as long as the cycle of your natural lash then fall out when your natural lash sheds. Re Fills are recommended, every 2 – 4 weeks to replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle. Your home care will also affect how long your lash extensions will last before your next re fill appointment.

Note – It is normal if you lose a an eyelash extensions in the first 48 hours whilst the adhesive is setting so please take care with your lashes in this time  period.

What are re fills and why do I need them?

Natural eyelashes grow and shed in a cycle. When a natural eyelash matures and falls out, a new eyelash has already been growing and quickly replaces it.  This new eyelash requires an extension. When properly applied, your lash extension will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out.

Can I swim and/or go in the sauna with my Eyelash Extensions?

No for the Sauna and Yes, you can go swimming, it is recommended that you do not go in a sauna, as the steam will degrade the glue and your extension will unbond, however the extensions must remain dry for the first 24 hours following the procedure in order for the adhesive to cure properly.

How should I care for my Eyelash Extensions?

  • Do not come into contact with water or steam for the first 24 hours after treatment (Try to avoid water flowing directly on your lashes).
  • Do not use oil-based products on your new lashes or around eye area. Always use OIL FREE makeup removers for taking off makeup, opt for a lighter eye cream or even eye gel but never apply close to your lash line.
  • Take care of your eyelash extensions by washing your eyes gently and patting the lashes dry
  • Avoid sleeping on your face.
  • We know it’s tempting but do not tug, pull or play with your new lashes.
  • If your lashes got wet after a shower or swim, dry gently by blinking onto a tissue. Follow by a cool fan or hair dryer to dry off any excess moisture.
  • Mascara is not recommended. You can request a fuller look with your lash extensions to replace the need of wearing mascara. If you do use mascara Only NON water proof mascara can be used on top of new lashes, and you must remove gently with OIL FREE eye makeup remover.
  • No tinting or perming to be done on top of your new lash extensions.

Please remember, the moisture or oil sitting on your new lashes will soften the bond (glue), this will cause the extensions to detach from your natural lashes. If you follow the above instructions, your lashes should last beautifully for weeks.

Is the application of Eyelash Extensions painful?

Absolutely not! The Eyelash Extension procedure is comfortable and relaxing. Most clients fall asleep during the session.

Can I apply mascara to Eyelash Extension?

You won’t need mascara. The extensions are already black & curled, so mascara is no longer necessary. Most women are thrilled at the thought of never wearing mascara again.
Never use waterproof or oil based mascara directly on your Lash Extensions; it will wear down your Extensions and cause your lash extensions to fall off.

What if I no longer want my Eyelash Extensions?

In the rare event you wish to remove your lash extensions. We offer a safe removal; please do not attempt to pull the extensions off, as this will impact on the health of your natural eyelashes.

Which Lash Extension curl will fit me best?

Many different things go into the decision of choosing the RIGHT eyelash extensions for your application. From eye shape and natural lash properties to your lifestyle indicators also maintenance routine and activity choices, and what look you would like.